& Humanitarian service expeditions

Holy Land 

Trip #1

Open Tour

Dec. 6-17 2019 $2499

Trip #2

Private S&I Tour

June 15-24 2021 $2499

Meet your Escorts

Dr. Doug Maughan (Religious Professor at S&I) -

Dr. Ben Shapiro      (Hebrew University Jerusalem)


Brother Maughan and his wife Jennifer are parents of 10 children and currently reside in Cache Valley, Utah. He has Directed tours for BYU Travel and Destinationsinc. Since 1997.


Brother Maughan has taught in the Church Educational System for over 32 years and currently teaches Institute at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Brother Maughan received his MA from Northern Arizona University and his Doctorate at ASU. He Runs Marathons and Triathlons and Directs Humanitarian Expeditions.

Dr. Shapiro taught 30 yrs. at NYU and Hebrew Univ. in Jerusalem

 Day 1 (Fri., Dec. 6): 

Home- East Coast City- Overseas flight

Depart from your hometown today for a connection on the East coast then on to Tel Aviv, Israel.  (Meals in flight)



Day 2 (Sat., Dec. 7): 

Arrive Tel Aviv, Israel

Arrive at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport where we will be met by Dr. Ben Schapiro, our professional Israeli tour guide. Then we will head  to our Tel Aviv hotel located near the Mediterranean Sea. There will be some time for you to enjoy a walk from our hotel along the beaches of Tel Aviv and view the beautiful Mediterranean Sea today. (Dinner is on your own) 1-night in Tel Aviv.


Day 3 (Sun., Dec. 8): 

Jaffa, Caesarea Maritima, Mukraka, Megiddo, O/N Ohalo Hotel Sea of Galilee

This morning we drive south along the Mediterranean coast to the site of Old Jaffa.  Here we relive the story of Jonah and also hear of the story of Orson Hyde as he arrives in the Holy Land.  Peter has a vision and is visited by an angel in Jaffa. It was here that the gospel would go forth to the gentiles. This morning we leave Tel Aviv and drive north along the blue Mediterranean to visit the archaeological ruins of Caesarea which was built by Herod the Great in honor of Augustus Caesar.  Later, we stop in Mt. Carmel to relive Elijah’s duel with the Priests of Baal at the site of the “Mukraka”.  Finally we arrive at our Kibbutz on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. 2-nights at a Kibbutz in the Galilee. (Meals B, D)


Day 4 (Mon., Dec. 9): 

Sea of Galilee-Kibbutz Ginosar, Capernaum-Tabgha-Mount of the Beatitudes-Caesarea Philippi-Golan Heights -Tel Dan


Today we’ll be walking in the Savior’s footsteps. After a driving tour of Tiberius, we enjoy a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and then visit Capernaum on the north shore. This is where Jesus spent most of his ministry and chose his first disciples, Andrew, Peter, James and John. We’ll visit the synagogue on a spot where Jesus once preached. Tabgha, just north of Tiberius, is the site of Christ's miracle of feeding the 5,000 and home to the Church of Multiplication of the fishes & loaves.  We’ll see the beautiful mosaic floor depicting the loaves and fishes. 


Nearby is the Mount of Beatitudes and for those who wish, a walk down the Mount to the sea. Next, we travel to Nazareth where Jesus spent his childhood with his earthly parents, Mary and Joseph. We visit the Church of Annunciation, built on the site where archaeologists believe the Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary. We also see Mary's Well and Joseph's Church.  Then we travel to Cana to visit the Wedding Church where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine. From there we’ll travel on to the Golan Heights and Banias Springs at Caesarea Philippi before returning to the Kibbutz. (Meals B,D)


Day 5 (Tues., Dec. 10): 

Galilee-Mt. Tabor-Beit She’an-Jericho-Jordan River-Qumran-Dead Sea


This morning we drive through the Jordan Valley to Mt. Tabor, the site believed to be the Mount of Transfiguration.  Then we’re on to explore amazing Beit She’an with its recently excavated amphitheater and amazing ruins. As we travel south along the Jordan River Valley, stopping near the oasis of Jericho, we read the account in the Old Testament of Joshua and the miraculous destruction of the fortified walls of the city, some of which have been discovered and unearthed. 


Next, we visit a site along the lower Jordan River that more closely represents the site where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.  Next, is a stop at the Essenes city of Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered by a shepherd and view the excavated remains of this ancient, mysterious culture.  From there we descend to the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea.   (Meals B,D)


Day 5 (Wed., Dec. 11): 

Masada – ARAD - Tel Sheva- Valley of Elah - Hebron - Jerusalem


After a short drive along the shores of the Dead sea we arrive at the cable car station for Masada where you will take the short ride to the summit and begin exploring these well-preserved ancient ruins with our professional guide.  You may wish to descend the slopes along the well worn path or opt to take the cable car ride back down, or, for that matter, why not hike both directions, if you feel up to it! We will be visiting the temple at Arad where ostraca has been found with a the linguistic combination of Hebrew and Egyptian.Then we will travel through the lands of Abraham-Beer Seva and Hebon where the patriarchs are buried.


Finally, we’ll head to our deluxe accommodations in Jerusalem, stopping briefly in the valley of Elah where David slew Goliath. Then on to some much needed rest! (Meals B,D)


Day 6 (Thurs. Dec., 12): 


Following a buffet breakfast, we begin our tour of the old city with a visit to St. Peter in Gallicantu, marking the home of Caiaphas, then we will visit the tomb of King David. Next is the traditional site of the Upper Room, the historical location of the Last Supper.  We then visit the Jewish Quarter and the Cardo and ancient remains of Herodian Mansions before finishing up at the Western Wall.  (Meals B, D)


Day 7 (Fri., Dec. 13): 

Israeli Museums

Today is your day off but there are many sites that you may want to visit on your own.  In order to gain a better perspective of the history and layout of Jerusalem, you may want to visit the Model City.  You may want to visit the Dome of the Rock, hike through Hezekiah's tunnel, visit the Holocaust Museum (Yad Vashem) or the Israel Museum, or perhaps you need more time to shop for the perfect olive wood nativity!  We then will have time to explore the city on our own, returning to the Western Wall at sundown to watch the Jews bring in “Shabat”.  (Meals B, D)


Day 8 (Sat., Dec. 14): 

BYU Jerusalem Center-Orson Hyde Memorial Park--Bethlehem-Shepherds’ Fields


Prepare yourself for a spiritual experience!  This morning we attend Sacrament Meeting at the BYU Jerusalem Center and will tour its beautiful grounds.  From there we head to the Orson Hyde Memorial Garden.  During the afternoon, we drive to Bethlehem to explore the Church of the Nativity.  Afterward, we’ll visit Shepherds’Fields to contemplate the miraculous coming of our Savior into the world.  (Meals B,D)


Day 9 (Sun., Dec. 15): 

Final Hours Walk-Mt. of Olives-Garden of Gethsemane-Pools of Bethesda-Via Dolorosa-Garden Tomb

Today, our last day of touring, we will follow the events of the Savior’s last week of His mortal ministry. We’ll also see Pater Noster church, we will make our way from the Mount of Olives down through the Garden of Gethsemane.  We’ll walk through the Kidron Valley just as Jesus did and enter the Old City thru Stephens Gate and visit the Pools of Bethesda. Next, we follow the Stations of the Cross walking along the Via Dolorosa.  Then on to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, before ending the day at Golgotha where Christ was crucified and The Garden Tomb.  The rest of the day will be your chance to do some shopping, see a few more sites, visit Ben Yehuda street, and pack for our flight home late tonight or early in the morning.  (Meals B,D)



Day 10 & 11 (Mon. & Tues., Dec. 16-17): 

Tel Aviv-Home

Early this morning, we board our flight from Tel Aviv to the USA arriving early morning. (Meals-in-flight)


You will “Stand in Holy Places” when you travel to Israel and walk in the footsteps of the Savior as we retrace His life from His birth in Bethlehem; His growing up years in Nazareth; His ministry in the Galilee and Jerusalem. We will reverently follow the final hours as you visit Gethsemane and follow the “way of the cross” to Skull Hill and the Garden Tomb.